Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, Click on 'Menu' menu and select 'Register'.

Login to your account, click on 'Deposit' menu, then click on 'New investment' button and select the most suitable plan for you. After creating the investment, you will be required to make a transfer of exact investment amount to the address that will be provided by the system, after payment, your are required to enter the transaction wallet address on the wallet address field and click on the continue button.

Login to your account, click on 'Settings' menu, then click on 'Account Setting'.

This company started on the second quarter of 2014. All Expert team traders from different countries have over 7 years trading experiences on trading and handling of client/customers investments

okmaxgold allows it's client to top-up their investment through reinvesting the RIO.

Yes we trade every day and study the market Statistics in not less than 14 hours everyday.

Yes you can terminate/end your investment at anytime by sending an email to [email protected] requesting for termination of investment and withdrawal of capital , this will take 24 Hours to process and after that automatically the investors receives the total capital invested.

Investment Duration are specified on each plan

Yes when an investment ends the clients receives both capital and the last due profits directly into the wallet address.

We are licensed under LBR as an Independent broker with the name "okmaxgold Management" and company Number B225265

We trade Assets, Stocks , forex, cryptos and now adding NFTs , across different exchanges using good formulas, softwares and good professional team work etc

Regular Referral (that’s the normal 10% referral).

The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.2 USD for all other payment methods. There is no maximum limit on standard withdrawals.
You can withdraw your money from any account balance (including TRC20 USDT) to your wallet.

All withdrawal requests are processed automatically. The money will be sent to your wallet instantly. However, it can take some time to confirm the transaction on the blockchain.

Yes, you can have multiple investment terms opened at the same time.